Turn Your Favorite Amelia National Places into Original Art

Here’s some spring inspiration for Amelia National Golf & Country Club residents: why not put your community to artful good use? Document the striking vistas you appreciate every day, then turn them into fun family projects, gifts, or original pieces for your own enjoyment. Create Amelia National art!Document the striking vistas you appreciate every day, then turn them into original pieces for your own enjoyment. Create Amelia National art!

“But I can’t draw a straight line,” you say. You don’t have to!

All you need is an open mind and one of the most beautiful master-planned communities in northeast Florida. Those gorgeous surroundings likely are a major reason you chose Amelia National for your new custom Florida home, and we at ICI Homes have some suggestions on how to appreciate them in a personal way.

Here’s how to turn your favorite Amelia National vistas into original art.

Consider your art topic

Do you want to record the views from your back porch or lanai? Are you a gardener or flower enthusiast who swoons over banks of hydrangeas or colorful bottle brush trees?

You might be a regular on Amelia National’s Tom Fazio-authored golf course and want to commemorate your favorite holes for a home office or family activity room.

Maybe you’ll decide to take sunset photos from your favorite Amelia National location each night for the entire month of May. Then, assemble a photo collage you can hang on a wall and enjoy indefinitely, rather than a Pinterest board.

Try a new art form

So you didn’t like that mandatory art history course in college, and coloring books are about the only “real” art you’ve mastered.

Good news! It doesn’t matter. Grab a good-sized note pad, handful of pencils (bonus if they’re colored pencils), and sketch those orange hibiscus blooms the size of trumpet horns. Try your own skeletal rendering of the exterior of Amelia National’s classic French Provincial clubhouse or gatehouse. Even better, sketch with your spouse and the kids.

Laugh at the goofy-looking images that might emerge. Make a mess. Call it “modern art.” Wad up results you don’t like and start over. You have our permission!

Want bolder, messier materials? Experiment with oil, acrylic or watercolor paints, or with chunky chalk. You just might find you (A) enjoy it, (B) might render a sketch you’re proud of with some practice, and voila — a new hobby is born.

Focus on opportunities in Amelia National

Let’s not dismiss phones as art implements, nor our laptop computers or tablets. Those modern-day devices are as portable as paint and pencils, and can even provide a digital canvas if they’re equipped with the appropriate tools.

Grab the handiest device when you spot deer on the fairways of Amelia National’s golf course. Or, look for redheaded woodpeckers and bald eagles in the tops of longleaf pines and live oaks. Walk down a street you haven’t explored and discover a new fountain or pond.

Art is everywhere at Amelia National. Just don’t run out of walls on which to display it!

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