Resident Rewards

Dining at the Amelia National Clubhouse

Residency Has Its Rewards

Refer a friend, neighbor or colleague to the ICI Homes sales team, and if they purchase a new ICI home you will receive a $1,000 credit in food & beverage at the Amelia National Clubhouse good for one year.

One third of all new home sales are referrals from Amelia National residents. That should tell you just how satisfied our residents are! Think who you might know who could make the move and settle into the unparalleled Florida lifestyle within the Amelia National community that you so enjoy! Where the weather is warm all year round, the cost of living is lower than most states in the country, and the things to see and do are limitless.

Your Information

Who You Are Referring

Rules & Restrictions

  1. Resident must accompany the prospect to the Amelia National Sales Center for the initial visit and/or pre-register the prospect by completing and submitting this registration form to the Amelia National Sales Center.
  2. In the event that prospect has already visited the sales center, referring resident shall have fourteen (14) days from date of initial prospect visit in which to submit a resident referral form. Referrals received later than 14 calendar days after the initial visit shall not qualify for Resident Rewards.
  3. Residents are protected by this “referral registration” for a period of three (3) months from the date of registration.
  4. If this referral results in a sale, it shall entitle the referring resident to $1,000 credit in Food & Beverage at the Amelia National Clubhouse good for one year. Credit will be applied upon successful closing of home. No other discounts apply.