Summer Screams “Ice Cream!” for Amelia National Residents

Cold, rich ice cream is the perfect snack or ending to a summer meal, and — let’s face it — one of those culinary traditions that screams “SUMMERTIME!” for many of us.

Thanks to their location, Amelia National Golf & Country Cub residents are in luck when it comes to ice cream indulgence. MilkshakeThis master-planned community is only minutes west of its hometown, historic Fernandina Beach, and one of northeast Florida’s top destinations, Amelia Island.

This means shops that offer yummy frozen concoctions are plentiful and convenient via a quick drive or ride share, and you can patronize a different shop every night of the week.

We’ll go for that!

Another helpful fact: many local establishments offering ice cream also stock choices for folks who must monitor dairy allergies and other dietary concerns. Odds are good there’s a cold treat for everyone, even if it means a bit of online or phone research beforehand.

Here’s where summer screams “ice cream!” for Amelia National residents.

Make your own

Sometimes homemade ice cream really is the best kind. You control the ingredients, nutritional content, and can tailor it to tastes and dietary concerns.

Thankfully, homemade ice cream is easy with today’s automatic ice-cream makersice cream — mix your ingredients, pour them in the pre-frozen churn and plug that puppy in.

But if it’s not homemade ice cream if you don’t buy rock salt, bags of ice, and churn it by hand in a wooden tub, hurrah for traditionalists. Our bowls will be first in line.

Scoops near you

Some of the many tasty sources for frozen treats near Amelia National include national-chain drive-throughs (we all have our favorites). But we’re spotlighting a few local favorites below.

Sample freely — and don’t forget Chef’s dessert specials and any ice-cream socials at Amelia National’s Residents Club.

  1. DeNucci’s — located on Sadler Road, a popular thoroughfare to the beaches, DeNucci’s is approximately halfway between Main Beach Park to the north and Peters Point Beachfront Park to the south. Look for the bright, sherbet-colored building. A family-owned tradition with soft-serve concoctions, traditional splurges like banana splits, and weekly specials.
  2. Peterbrooke Chocolatier — also on Sadler Road, and the local outpost of a Jacksonville family-founded chocolate empire. Peterbrooke has amazing confections of all kinds (and classes on how to make your own), but also ice cream. We’d bet on the chocolate flavor.
  3. Amelia Island Coffee — located in downtown Fernandina Beach. Try the ultimate afternoon snack: ice cream floats with sodas or cold-brew coffee, or affogato style (espresso poured over ice cream). Choose from eight ice cream flavors.
  4. The Cinnamon Bear Country Store — another Fernandina Beach tradition with all sorts of food and drinks, plus gifts and souvenirs. Ice cream is a long-standing favorite here.
  5. Island Time Premium Frozen Yogurt — fro-yo rocks too! Choose from multiple flavors and toppings. Also located in Fernandina Beach.

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