New to Amelia National? Here’s a Place to Score New Decor

Looking to buy or build a new custom Florida home at Amelia National Golf & Country Club?

No matter if you covet one of our ready-for-move-in inventory homes, or have ICI Homes build your dream home from scratch, you’ll eventually have to furnish it.New to Amelia National? Here’s a Place to Score New Decor Artrageous Artwalk

And, if you’re moving from a different climate, you might want to re-think your decor. Familiar colors and furnishings that were perfect hundreds or thousands of miles away can look odd in a coastal environment.

But don’t fret! Instead, embrace the opportunity. Study the interior design, color choices and plentiful outdoor living spaces when you visit one of our Amelia National models in person or online. You’ll note a relaxed vibe, imaginative paint schemes, and easy-to-clean surfaces.

If you’d like to freshen up your look once you’re in residence at Amelia National — or even while your new walls are going up — we can point you to an excellent local option.

Here’s why Artrageous Artwalk is worth a spot on your redecorating calendar.

You’ll get to know your new town

Cruising local art galleries will supply you with plenty of new design inspiration.

Fernandina Beach’s lovely downtown area is peppered with art galleries, boutiques, museums and restaurants. Centre Street anchors the action, with historic buildings sprouting along the tree-lined thoroughfare that leads to a picturesque harbor. Find Centre Street, and you can find pretty much anything radiating off its side streets.

Naturally, such a beautiful location with its beaches, waterways and jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets inspires artists in all mediums. Many galleries and studios abound in Fernandina Beach and the surrounding area, and Artrageous Artwalk spotlights Amelia Island’s talented art community. Amelia Island is located just minutes south of Amelia National Golf and Country Club.

Visit the Island Art Association’s website to see which galleries and artists are featured in the current Artrageous Artwalk lineup, but don’t stop with those. Island Art Association members and volunteers — its downtown Fernandina Beach location also contains a gallery — can point you to other events and artists throughout Nassau County.

Something for everyone

Artrageous Artwalk occurs on the second Saturday of every month, when participating artists and galleries hold special events and exhibits. From April through September, its hours are 5-8 p.m. From October through March, its hours are 4-7 p.m.

During Artrageous Artwalk, visitors can drop by participating location and meet the artists. It’s a great way not only to meet folks, but to sample colors and styles that might sync with your new Florida lifestyle. You’ll find everything from paintings to sculpture, from serious works worth insuring, to hilarious, funky yard art.

Considering a mural for your new kitchen or a child’s bedroom? You’ll likely find the person to translate that vision to your walls by spotting work you like during Artrageous Artwalk.

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